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Are You Prepared for the Long, Hot Air Conditioning Season?

Don't risk poor performance, energy inefficiency or a breakdown from your air conditioning this year. Get your system checked, cleaned and brought up to peak operating condition. You'll beat the heat and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Months of dormancy can cause systems to get dirty. Connections get loose. Freon can leak. Accumulations of dust and debris or damaged ducts can cause your condensing unit to overwork and then overheat. This leads to higher operating temperatures and pressures that waste energy while reducing efficiency, putting a strain on your system and shortening its operational life.

Call All Power Services and we'll thoroughly clean your system, including filters and the condensing unit. We'll check and repair any damaged or leaky ductwork, check and adjust all moving parts. Freon levels are inspected, any leaks are repaired and new Freon added as needed. We even check all electrical connections and controls.

Perhaps you want to upgrade your existing system for higher performance or a better programmable thermostat. We'll go over all the options with you. Just ask us.

We also service evaporative coolers and can restore them to prime operating condition.

Keeping your air conditioning equipment at peak performance actually saves you money. Your system will last longer and you'll save energy.

And… don't forget us for your electrical needs. Perhaps a new ceiling fan is just the thing you need to help circulate the air and further increase the efficiency of your cooling system. Had furnace trouble over the winter? Don't wait to get it serviced. Off-season repair can often be less costly. Call All Power Services today.

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